Monday, November 3, 2014


Phew. Long time. It's been so frenetically busy that I've lost contact with a lot of people and pastimes. Settling into the house, prepping for baby, completing endless admin work, not to mention caring for a toddler who doesn't stop - all as I continue to expand, lose sleep, and become more uncomfortable and exhausted - pretty much take up all the hours in a day. Quality time with the hubs has devolved into endless errands and to-do lists. But the list has more x's on it than to-do's, so now I can relax. 
At 37 weeks, nesting is complete!

My style options are dwindling as baby packs on the pounds during his final weeks in the womb. Though I have to say, after all the "aren't you big" comments by old ladies in the summer, I've had nothing but "What a neat little bump you have" ... until a few weeks ago. Now peeps just ask when I'm due. ;) And now that my compression tights don't fit over my belly, I'm wearing the same maternity jeans day-in, day-out, and the same cashmere-blend swing sweater. So I've tried my best to change things up with thrifted accessories. 

Here's my style journal of late, such as it is, recorded rather blurrily at times on the fly:

End of September: Thought I'd get inventive here as my skirt options had all but vanished by the time this photo was snapped (on St. Annes Pier). How? By wearing a sweater as a skirt and knotting the arms around my waist - something we used to do in the mid-1980s with cardigans. 

Thrifted-in-Toronto cashmere sweater by Theory, worn as a skirt 
Charity-shopped French Connection denim jacket
LATEST OBSESSION: huge vintage "Cosmic" carpet bag by UK-based Carpet Bags, Etsy
Thrifted-in-Toronto suede booties you've seen 1000s of x.

Early October: So I love all handbags equally, from bigger-than-your-torso carpet bags to small designer babies like this gem. It's seven years old and was obviously kept in great shape by its previous owner, from whom I bought it on Ebay in September. It retailed new for 300 USD! Yes, the mermaids (in Manchester) are in awe!

Cole Haan tapestry, leather and velvet handbag, found on Ebay for 12.99 pounds!
Charity-shopped wool scarf
Thrifted-in -Toronto 1990s booties.

Early October: I'm panicking over how I'll deal with rainy, windy weather while pushing a double pram to the shops! What the heck do people do here? Duh - they drive. Charity shop to the rescue. This trench is padded and says it's weatherproof, and the brand is apparently exclusive to John Lewis (which gives you an idea how $$$ such trenches are new). Only time will tell. I love that it's super long. But do I look like Inspector Gadget?

Charity-shopped Four Seasons super-long weatherproof trench 
Thrifted-in-Toronto Kenneth Cole booties.

Mid-October: All I want is to be comfortable. So yes, I wore UGGs (charity shopped, of course) beyond the confines of my living room into the outside world. I swore I'd never own a pair of these fugly slipper boots. Never say never!

Charity-shopped wool fisherman's sweater
Charity-shopped UGG boots - yes, they're authentic!
1970s Mulberry bag, Annecy thrift shop.

End of October: Another violation. I'm wearing leggings in public, something I haven't done since my last pregnancy, and before that, the 1990s. But they don't hurt my belly when I bend over. An oversize sweater hopefully hides my water-logged thighs.

Charity-shopped oversize sweater
1980s rayon scarf, Etsy
Killer 1970s leather doctor's bag, Annecy antique market.

End of October: I was out with hubs so dared to wear these thrifted booties with a slight heel. I tromped across Paris in these boots so it's not like they're uncomfortable, but since I'm pretty wobbly these days I clung to my man like a sea urchin to the only rock in miles. I have worn this gorg ruffled wool blazer only a handful of times after buying it at a sample sale in Toronto for a screaming deal (regular price, 500 CAD - Franco Mirabelli is an insanely talented designer but I could never have afforded this full-price on my meagre journalist's salary). It made me feel a bit swish.

Sample sale wool ruffle coat by Canadian/Toronto designer Franco Mirabelli
Leather boots, Annecy thrift shop.

Last week on Lytham high street: Again, I needed to feel somewhat stylish so I left the UGGs at home and donned a pair of suede wedge booties thrifted in Annecy. I generally haven't been wearing my long vintage pendants as they bob around on my tummy and I feel a little silly. But that day, I wanted a little embellishment. I'm obsessed with 1970s Cadoro tassel necklaces and found this one for a song on Etsy (normally sell for $100 USD or more).

Vintage Cadoro necklace, Etsy
Thrifted-in-Annecy seude zip-up booties
Thrifted-in-Annecy Lancel bag
Thrifted-in-Toronto J.Crew wool blazer.

September 2010: Hard to believe I was ever this thin, huh?
This was snapped four years ago in the UK, while I was visiting my hubs-to-be. I bought the skirt at a place near Lytham called Bygone Times.

I find it hard to relate to that skinny girl now, whose head is bigger than her waist!

I may not be posting for a while but will try my best to do a short announcement once baby arrives. 
I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and ordering some spiff new glasses, so if I really do look chic I may have to do a quick brag post, to reassure myself that I'm looking less mumsy. 

Hope you're all well. xoxo