Friday, May 2, 2014

The post I forgot to name ....

Everything thrifted except for tights and pashmina scarf .

I'm still here. No more butt shots, promise. It's been a challenging time and there isn't much time or energy left over for blogging, alas. If I'm not lurking quietly on your blog before I fall into bed at naptime, I'm leaving the most cursory - and likely silly-sounding - comments. My brain is scrambled due to exhaustion; that's my only defense. But there's so much I've wanted to share with you over the last month. If only I could insert a little chip in my brain and transmit images of all the cool stuff I've been wanting to show you!

I haven't been thrifting a ton, but I did pick up this grunge-inspired swing tunic for a few euros the other day, along with this trench. The tunic made me think of the darling Bella.

These pics are over a month old, but I couldn't NOT show you a prize thrift haul comprising, for one, this kilim and leather knapsack. I've been obsessed with kilim bags forever, but second-hand vintage ones don't come cheap on places like Ebay and Etsy, and I never thought I'd ever find one in the thrift shop. But the Thrift Gods were smiling down on me the day I breezed into the shop (inasmuch as you can breeze in pushing a stroller) and spied this baby for 10 euros, tossed over a display case and completely ignored. Historically I haven't been much of a knapsack gal, but with baby, stroller, shopping etc, it's proved highly useful. I used it on my trip to Lyon.

My life is really just a series of obsessions. You know by now, perhaps, my recent penchant for fringed scarves and shawls. I almost fainted when I saw these thick two-ply silk oblong fringed scarves at the thrift shop, for a price so impossibly low I felt like I'd morphed to the land of Vix deals.

This one has an Oriental vibe. I just love the bright colours.

I don't normally buy things at the local antique market, which I find exorbitantly priced, but last month I found this bright square scarf for a few euros. The polyester is so good I almost thought it was silk. It makes me smile as it's like a big bright starburst.

It's name is therefore apt! Couldn't find much out about this label online except a reference to a 1950s silk cocktail dress.

I found this one too. Kinda tie-dye inspired. It would look better ironed!

They're def best friends ....

You-know-who had a blast playing with them.

Toys have limited appeal, I've learned, but anything else in the house is infinitely fascinating.

I leave you with a few pics snapped in Lyon in early April in its famous  (and famously huge) park, Tete D'Or (Golden Head park).

Cafe right on the lake in the park.

If you do ever get to Lyon, check out Carrie Bradshop (cute, eh?). I bought a vintage brocade jacket there, and the owner, a real sweetie who admired the scarf I was wearing, threw in a scarf I was eye-balling for free. I'll try to show them here one day!

Happy weekend!