Monday, October 14, 2013

Second-hand Kenzo & Tom Ford

Kenzo skirt: a euro at an Annecy vide grenier
Etienne Aigner boots: Ebay
Bally bag: consignment shop swap
J. Crew wool blazer: thrifted in Canada
Black sweater: thrifted in Canada
Vintage scarf: gift
Vintage Cadoro necklaces: bought online
Tom Ford sunglasses: consignment shop swap.

I don't really think of myself as a label slut - ie: I don't buy items for the sake of their being "by" someone - and I quite abhor the idea of picking up a lower-tier collection of a designer at a mass market retailer like H&M or Target - though if that's other people's bag, go for it. But that's not to say that I don't appreciate good quality labels, and labels with a neat history or story. And having lived in France for over a year, I've found many a French designer to love.

I've been a Kenzo fan ever since my twis sis thrifted a gorg red floral velvet jacket in Toronto a few years ago. Vintage Kenzo pieces have great colour and texture. Take this lined, wool a-line mustard yellow Kenzo skirt I found at a summer vide grenier for A EURO. LOVE! I never thought the yellow and black bumblebee look would work, but I'm groovin on this outfit (snapped outside the grocery store - yes, us ladies of leisure live exciting lives!).

Then last week, when I took more bling to my consignment shop, I spied these Tom Ford sunglasses. I know Tom Ford more for the fab flick he directed, A Single Man, than for his fashions and famed business sense. But I loved the way these looked on me. They were rather beat up - scratched on the lenses and the frames - so the owner knocked 20 euros off. Since I had sold a few items in her shop recently, I essentially got them for free rather than pocketing the cash I made.

I've mentioned Cadoro jewellery before, but haven't explained my obsession with it. Cadoro was a high-end jewellery company founded in the 1950s in Manhattan. It's known for its handmade haute hippie pieces made out of unusual materials. The jewellery is quite collectible now as the company ceased to exist in the 1980s. Cadoro pieces are so arty that some can be found in New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art.

I'm now a happy Cadoro addict (some of their tassel necklaces rock). I found these two yellow corded necklaces with sliding gold bits online. They're really more summer pieces but as you can see I've managed to work them into my fall look. I have many more Cadoro pieces to share with you! I've stopped buying them but have a nice little collection - my first really meaningful vintage jewellery collection (which explains why there's been a mass exodus of my lower tier vintage costume jewellery to the consignment shop). Guess that means I'm a grown-up now!


  1. Very Euro chic! I can totally see that necklace with autumn and winter outfits.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  2. I love black and yellow - if it's good enough for a bee, it'll do for me too! The skirt is great, and a bargain whatever the label - a euro, that's about 85p, isn't it? Fabulous! I must confess I haven't heard of Cadoro, but your necklace is very stylish. Can we see your other pieces, please? Trading in the items you like, but don't absolutely LOVE, in order to build a collection of wonderful pieces which make your heart beat faster seems like a good plan! xxxxx

  3. Such a great outfit! Love the length and color of your skirt. You are one fab shopper!

    blue hue wonderland

  4. What a gorgeous combination, that skirt is such a cheery colour and that necklace is a beauty - it reminds me of the devotional jewellery for sale outside Hindu temples in India.
    I pick up stuff I love the look of - a glorious colour or fabulous pattern. Labels are of no consequence to me either, it's not like you're going to wear it inside out so people know what it is! xxx

  5. Love the yellow and black together - very striking!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. I have always avoided yellow and black partly because of the "bee" effect, and because I don't own anything yellow, but this outfit looks great on you - nice score on the skirt! I don't get excited about labels either, unless it is a really cool, well made piece from a classic designer like Dior, Courreges, or Balenciaga (that would be SQUEE-worthy).

    I've never heard of Cadoro jewelley, but I love the necklace in the photo - I'm in agreement with Curtise, please show more!

  7. Hi there!! wow, this is one of my favourite looks of yours-black and yellow is a fabulous combination and you look gorgeous-the Kenzo skirt is an outstanding bargain and love your Cadaro necklace! xxx

  8. Hi Kelly,

    Looking at you Kelly i think you have been having a lot of french influence as to how you dress these days - You are refine, chic and god darn fabulous!
    I do love a yellow skirt, and yours is so amazing - So hard to find a good yellow skirt - You are right about Kenzo, i have seen a few pieces here and there in second hand shops in Montreal - But never really bought any -

    I will check Cadoro on line see if i can afford it -

    Take care

    Ariane xo

  9. What an unusual necklace.

    Love the very French scarf.


  10. I really really love that skirt! A can't believe it was only a euro. And the sunglasses. The Single Man movie ranks among my favourites. You're too svelte for a bumblebee! Gorgeous.

  11. Looking very French chic.

  12. i like this chic yellow and black outfit and you know bumble bee didn't even come to mind because you've styled things quite well. also I feel the same way as you about designer collabs.

  13. Kelly, you look fabulous. Yes, I know it's a word that's used a lot, but truly you do!! The individual pieces are interesting in and of themselves, and together the composition is ...FABULOUS!! Plus I love your hair. XXOO

  14. 1 euro for Kenzo is an absolute bargain! What a gorgeous skirt it is too! Oh for a vide grenier around these parts! The necklace is fabulous as well.

  15. What I like about designer clothes is not the label, but the quality. I recently found a Kenzo dress from the 80s at the thrift store and the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship just jumped out at me.
    This look is simple yet chic. I love the color and shape of that skirt. I had not heard of Cadoro either, so thanks for the education.