Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Latest greatest second-hand accessory

Thrifted Thierry Mugler blazer: four euros, Annecy thrift shop
Bally bag: 25 euros, consignment shop
Turtleneck: thrifted in Canada
Levis: new/retail (of so worth it).

Nope. It's not my Baby Bjorn carrier for Adam. I love buying the little guy used clothing, but I tend towards new stuff for the big-ticket baby items.

Spotlight today is on my (slightly fuzzy) used leather and brocade bag by Bally, acquired at my local consignment shop for a mere 25 euros.

EVERYTHING SECOND-HAND except for brolly:
1990s Capezio granny boots: Ebay
Distressed jeans: Annecy second-hand depot
Wool sweater: a euro, Annecy vide grenier
J. Crew wool blazer: thrifted in Canada
Huge crepe and chenille Anne Klein scarf: 10 buck sale in Canada.

As you may know, in the midst of my post-pregnancy style crises, I've been consigning half of my wardrobe at my local shop. What this means: when I go into the shop to drop off another stash and pick up my cheque, I sometimes, but not always, walk out with something. I've gotten rid of many a vintage bag via this method, which no longer suit my life, so I didn't feel the least bit guilty snapping up a bag that does.

Vintage Etienne Aigner granny boots: Ebay
Turtlenck: new/retail bought years ago
1970s velvet patchwork blazer: thrifted in Canada
Levis: new/retail.

The bag ticks all the boxes, satisfying my need for space with my ongoing obsession for fabric and brocade. Plus I like that I can indulge in a bit of pattern mixing when I wear it. Of course, Bally, a Swiss maker, does lovely high-quality bags that aren't cheap. Since all my outfits are looking the same these days, I'm putting special emphasis on quality accessories that I love.

I'm wearing my "new" vintage Etienne Aigner granny booties found on Ebay, which, judging by the square toe (I can't believe I'm doing a square toe!), must be 1990s, what do you think? These days I'm groovin' on the Victorian-steampunk look and the blazer and booties sort of fit the bill.

Lanvin necklace, 10 euro at Annecy brocante market
Ray Ban shades: Annecy brocante market.

I've had this 1970s velvet patchwork blazer for years and don't think I've ever featured it here. I found it for a few bucks at a Canadian thrift shop, and I just love it. Now that I've put on a few pounds, I fill it out much better than I used to when I was a skinny-Minny. Just look at those mammoth buttons!

How much do I love it? So much so that when I recently found the matching long a-line skirt on Ebay (maker: Marks and Spencer - mine doesn't have a tag), I almost bought it - wouldn't I have looked crazy with the entire ensemble on? But the 27-inch waist, my pre-preggo waist size, deterred me. Sigh. I ended up consoling myself with a vintage velvet Laura Ashley skirt, with a more realistic waist size, which will rock with the Etienne Aigner granny boots and jibe with my growing Victorian-esque style aesthetic.

Adam, meanwhile, continues to rock the second-hand orange look.

Hairbrushes are so fascinating.:)

Linking up, after a long absence, to the stylish gals over at Patti's Visible Monday.


  1. Hey Kelly! Mommyhood suits you beautifully! And I love your new bag. You are admirable with your will power if you come away with any sort of cheque at all, after consigning. I find it very interesting, watching this gentle shift in personal style for you. It really is making me think about my own clothing, and how valuable it is {at least to me}, to have a cohesive thread throughout my wardrobe. Thanks for this! I'm the same with square toes. There's a pair of shoes at Value Village I've tried on 3 x over three weeks...square toed, and I fear if I buy them, we'll be right back to pointy toes, my personal fav, overnight. Hugs to Adam.

  2. Hi my dear!! Little Adam is definitely upstaging these thrifty find posts-he is so adorable and these are such lovely photos!! Of course your Bally bag is a wonderful find and I so adore your patchwork velvet blazer, it looks so cute and stylish for Autumn! Your Lanvin necklace was a bargain find too! Hope you have a great week ahead xxx

  3. Hi Kelly - Your outfit looks great and I love the haircut - very European. Why are so many American women afraid of short hair? Your little guy is adorable!

  4. Hi Kelly!
    Ilove the pic of you and Adam looking at the brush, so precious!
    I have tons of clothes i shouldp bring to the consignment shops, i guess it´s to get there my problem
    Don't worry about your waistline, it will come back, i promise
    It takes a while i guess
    That jacket is a dream

    Take care


  5. You are so good to find the time to take clothes to the consignment shop - I have a pile sitting on my living room floor that has been waiting to leave the house for months. I love the velvet patchwork blazer; it goes with everything! (according to my match nothing, go with everything rule). NIce score on the bag - funky and elegant at the same time. And of course, Adam is the ultimate accessory ;)

  6. You look so great! I especially love your hair today. I wish mine curled like that! I'm also enjoying your awesome blazer! Your baby is too cute!

  7. So much to adore in this post, Kelly - the gorgeous Bally bag, the amazing velvet jacket, the boots (I like a square toe more than pointed, am I out of step, again?) and of course, your little darling of an Adam. You are as skinny as a runner bean, do stop giving yourself grief about your waistline; I haven't had a 27" waist since I was a teenager... You look beautiful, Kelly - happy and relaxed and super-stylish! xxxx

  8. No way! Tamera sent me a maxi skirt in the identical velvet print to your jacket! I busted it out of the Winter case ready for when the weather eventually gets cold at the weekend!
    Looking fab. Love that bag and motherhood really does suit you. xxx

  9. That jacket is wild. I love it. And as already mentioned it'll go with everything.

    You are looking lovely and put together. A big accomplishment when you've just had a little one.


  10. Love, love that jacket! Great idea to wear it with the blue turtleneck, good contrast. I have a similar jacket from the early nineties, you are inspiring me to get it out and wear it. I agree with Suzanne.....you are looking lovely and put together!

    blue hue wonderland

  11. It's so funny seeing you not pregnant - you were just starting to show when I started following you. You look great, pregnant or not. I love that jacket, and the granny boots!

  12. what a tasty patchwork blazer you have there! LOVE your style and that cute cute baby

  13. Great treasures you have trifted! You are a very chic mum, baby is lovely!
    I am happy to discover your blog!

  14. There you are! And there is BABY! Gorgeous, the pair of you. Great to see pictures. And you are looking very svelte for a new mum. Love your fall jackets and all that goes with them. So sleek and so you! Very good idea to consign and start fresh!

  15. Oh Adam is such a cutie pie :) And your patchwork blazer is a dream! xx Tani

  16. How fabulous to see you after all this time. You and your baby are looking glorious.
    Do keep in touch.

  17. Hi Kelly!! I'm loving the new Victorian influence here. The blazed is perfection and fits so well!! The gorgeous bag will definitely amp up a huge variety of outfits, plus you can stash so much in it (always a plus). I can sew a lot of my clothes but I can't make jeans. I totally agree that getting the perfect pair is worth the retail price if you just have to. Yours look great, and the granny boots are so cool. You are one stylish mom and Adam must be a joy. Oh, and I have to say I love your hair, It was cool to see a closeup of the back.


  18. Hi Kelly!

    Just read your comment, so there was a chance of you coming back to Canada but It didn't happen, too bad for you - I guess your family is anxious to meet baby and i guess too sometimes you must miss motherland? When i lived abroad i missed it sometimes but not too much, i loved it so much to live in Europe -
    The hospital called me Friday, i thought it was my results, they told me if there were more pre-cancerous cells they would call me, but it was not the case, they call me to inform me that my specimens were in contact with another patient's specimen - How the heck did it happen? I have a lot of nurse friends and they can't understand why it happened -Anyway going back only for the pap test next Friday-

  19. You are looking great - both of you. I'm so impressed by the items that you find and the prices that you pay for them!

  20. That is one incredibly beautiful jacket! Like you, I adore velvet and the patchwork and 70s styling are just perfection. It goes so well with your new bag which I'm also drooling over.
    Now, I'm going to have to start looking for a similar jacket on eBay. Or a skirt to make into a bag.