Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My fall style obsessions

Second-hand granny boots: Ebay
90s dress: thrifted in Annecy, France
Vintage Bergdorf Goodman brocade jacket: 50% off sale at Toronto vintage shop
Bag: handmade in Montreal, Canada
Scarf: new and purchased years ago
Second-hand Ray Ban shades: Annecy brocante market
Second-hand Scooter Paris necklace: Annecy vide grenier
Vintage mood ring: Ebay.

Great vintage costume jewellery. Anything that's vintage tapestry, be it a handbag or a coat. A good pair (or five, LOL) of vintage boots. Some things will always be style obsessions.

But, in truth, my wardrobe wants lately aren't radically different from the pieces that have appealed to me in the last year or so, just perhaps more refined. In general, I love the 90s, semi-steampunk vibe of this outfit. Specifically, I'm grooving majorly on granny boots these days, especially the Victorian-esque look of these. (Yes, I could have worn black boots to match this outfit, but these babies arrived at my door the other day and I was too excited not to wear them. I think it's refreshing to forgo the matchy-matchy thing).

Having recently purchased three used pair of granny boots from Ebay, I can't deny that my penchant for lace-up booties has taken a rather strong hold of late. They're comfy (even these three-inch brown leather/fabric ones as the heel is chunky) and go with literally everything. And of course, I just love the granny boot look. I had a pair in the mid-1980s when I was a teen. Funny how the style options we gravitate towards are often ones we've worn and loved in the past, isn't it?

1990s? Capezio black granny boots: Ebay
Second-hand bubble-gum pink leather Alfani jacket: 50% off thrift sale in Toronto
Anthropologie scarf: new and crazily $$$ when I bought it a few years ago
Levis jeans: new and also crazily $$$ (and the only jeans that look good on my post-baby bod).

I'm wearing these black low-heel vintage granny boots by Capezio ALL the time. They're the most comfy boots I've ever owned. I have one more pair of higher-heeled Etienne Aigner boots coming in the post very soon. Then I stop buying boots, promise!

Outfit deets, repeats of above, except for gifted sweater and ...
Scarf: quilted Sonia Rykiel animal-print found at Annecy thrift shop for a song!

I've even been cuffing my new jeans to show them off.

Other fall style obsessions (this one derives from my tapestry love):

Oversize second-hand woven sweater jacket by Sugar Street Weavers: Ebay
(company still exists and according to the website this Angel of Love model is discontinued).
Vintage leather bag: Toronto vintage shop.

Tapestry-inspired woven sweater jackets like this one found on Etsy. It's really huge on me and made by Sugar Street Weavers in the U.S., which appears to cater to a larger client. Their sweaters don't appear to be made for hipsters by any stretch, but this one was was borderline ugly-cool and made my heart wump.

Because it's so big, I have to style it perfectly with skinnies and, natch, booties. Better pic coming soon.

Vintage scarf: gift
Sweater: gift
Second-hand cord jacket: a euro at an Annecy vide grenier
Second-hand skinny jeans: Toronto thrift shop
Vintage leather purse: Toronto vintage shop.

As always, great scarves, like this silk French-inspired one given to me for my B-day. I'm also a sucker for a good blazer. Normally I go for statement-piece blazers with great fabrics and patterns. This frayed navy-blue cord one is a slight deviation on the theme.

Vintage mood rings: Etsy and gifted.

I've always loved 1970s mood rings, but for some reason lately I've gone on a bender researching and buying them on Ebay and Etsy. I look for ones that seem to have a good weight as there are a lot of cheapie lightweight ones out there. It's hard to know buying online what the weight and stone colour will be like, but so far, I've fared well. I'm still looking for the PERFECT mood ring to replace one I gave to an undeserving (ex) friend years ago. I found it at the Sally Ann for $3.99 CAD. Still kicking myself for giving it away, sigh.

Galeries Layfayatte label sweater: Annecy vide grenier
Rest of outfit found at Annecy thrift shop.

Of course, I'm shopping at the vide greniers more for the wee one than I am for myself, and, since the well-heeled femmes of Annecy dress their kiddies in sweaters that cost 70 euros new, I've been rather committed, shall we say?, to obtaining some stylish used duds for Adam before the vide grenier season dissipates. I've bought a hoard of much-needed fall and winter stuff for 1-2 euros a piece!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Farewell, 1970s frocks; we had a good ride

I've had this post in my drafts folder since April, LOL. Long-time readers may remember my wearing some of my fave thrifted 1970s goodies. This post is dedicated to saying a final goodbye to the items that I have outgrown emotionally, not to mention physically!

Kinda hard to believe I was this wee. Boy, did I love this psychedelic wide-leg nylon pants. This pic was snapped by my hubby-to-be in 2010, on his first trip to see me in Canada after we met in the United States a few weeks before. This was in Niagara Falls, Canadian side.

I consigned these pants at my local shop this summer. The owner recently told me that an 80-year old woman bought them. Rock on, lady!

A friend, who isn't a friend any more, gave me this nylon dress when I left Toronto two years ago to move to the UK. I wasn't that emotional about getting rid of it. It also sold at my local shop.

But I did hang onto the wacky 1970s faceted shades.

I thrifted this pretty prom-like frock in Canada years ago and never wore it, save for this UK back yard photo shoot before I moved to France. Off it went to the consignment shop, where it also found a new home. Vintage is scarce in Annecy so my pieces have sold well.

Again, never wore this slinky 1970s dress I bought off Etsy when I first moved to the UK. My life and style was already in transition then, and I didn't even know it. Bye bye, baby. Oh, the thrifted 1970s necklace went too. And the thrifted Nat and Matt handbag. I kept the amazing vintage bracelet.

I also said goodbye to this fun striped cowl-neck number. I kept the vintage belt and thrifted Stuart Weitzman shoes.

I just dropped off a swack of fall items at the shop, and discovered, to my surprise, that this 1970s scarf dress, and contemporary shoes that are so high I'd surely topple wearing them in Annecy's cobblestone streets, are the only two items from my hoard that didn't sell.

The seller told me the waist was too small. Ok, now I believe it didn't sell. It's pretty small.

I may never wear this again, but I'm glad I still have it. I wore this in Niagara Falls that wonderful weekend with hubby-to-be, so it's drenched in sexy memories.

This is one vintage frock I couldn't consign, though I have little hope of fitting into it again.

Hubby bought it for me in West Palm Beach, the place where we met, a year or so after initially hooking up there. I jetted in to meet him for a weekend when he was on layover, and we found this dress in a wonderful vintage shop. Ah, the romance. I bought the vintage Trifari necklace at the Portobello Road market with him the year before I married him. Natch, I've kept that one too. I'm wearing both here at a goodbye party thrown in my honour when I left the newspaper I used to work for in TO.

I'm not sad to say goodbye to my once-beloved outfits. They served me well when I was a skinny, single big-city shopping columnist and editor. Now it's time to move on to a new style. I think the reason I love to shop continually is that my style is always evolving. Now, sans job, and with a new baby, my look is changing by the day - and hopefully refining itself. We'll see where it ends up. Oh, and I'm still bringing stuff to the consignment shop!