Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lakeside romps and letting go - almost! - of nylon

There aren't heaps of lakeside restos or bars on Lac Annecy, so discovering the precious few - which inevitably are outside of Annecy proper - is like unearthing a mountain of precious gemstones, especially if the places are relatively unoccupied by tourists, as was the case with this charming restaurant on the south-west side of the lake that we had the pleasure of dining at a few weeks ago. Family has been visiting pretty much non-stop since Adam was born, so we've been busy doing a combo of day trips and just hanging out at various points along the lake.

Hubby and I found this lakeside beach bum hangout last weekend on the other side of the lake. It's populated by local hippie 20-somethings mostly, but we had no probs infiltrating it with our little guy. A great afternoon was spent lapping up rose and chilling. It was a mini vacay of sorts and it reminded us that we need to spend at least one day not running around doing the endless amount of errands that seem to crop up with a little one. After the hustle and bustle of the last few months, we really needed it.

At three months, our little guy continues to grow and amaze. He apparently has some kind of gene that makes him cuter and cuter every day, LOL - I know, I'm the dazed-in-love Mommie!

Style-wise, I've been living in a selection of pretty boho sundresses, some second-hand, some new. Comfort, ease-of-wear (read: no ironing) and a breezy style have been my major criteria for summer togs these days. Here's me with Adam in a fave, a blue and white Ikat sundress found in an import shop in the old town.

Here's an over-exposed shot of me in it, at the annual Fete du Lac event we attended with my sis and her fam. Best fireworks display ever.

Most of my style shots, you won't be surprised to learn, are with Adam. I need to do a separate post on this, but let me say that I've been jazzing up basic summer dresses (like this cotton nightie-inspired sundress found at the market last summer for three euro) with awesome vintage jewellery found online.

France is not the place to find vintage bling, and most of the labels I'm looking for are from the States, so Etsy and Ebay have become close friends of late. I've become quite the collector, eking out certain makers, which means that, eventually, I'll have to thin out my tickle trunk of vintage costume baubles that I've dug up in Canadian thrift shops over the years.

Aside from bling and a decent handbag (the ethnic one pictured here was found at a vide grenier last fall for 3 euro), baby Adam has proved to be the best accessory. No, I dare not hold him on my hip as I strut around wearing four-inch spike heels (she looks great, but how does Victoria Beckham manage it?). On the lap or in the pram is just fine for public appearances.

I have, however, managed to channel my inner Victoria Beckham with these second-hand Rayban sunnies found at the local brocante market. Oddly enough, I recently consigned three pair of huge vintage oversize shades to my local shop. And here I go again, buying the same style. My only defense is they seem to suit my pixie face. Now I just need to manage the Beckham look by sucking in my cheeks and not smiling.

Oops, a wee smile escaped in spite of myself. I should be grinning ear to ear as I'm pictured here wearing pre-preggo jeans, yay! So what if they're super stretchy? I'm going with it. Everything but the purse and shoes are second-hand. I just love the Juicy Couture super soft cotton tie-dye tank I thrifted in Canada (even if my belly hangs out a little in it).

Here's one of the few full-length shots I've managed to request, snapped last week on the way to the beach bum bar. Easy peasy sundress: check. Shades: check. Vintage bling: check (more on this haute hippie maker, Cadoro, at another time). Golden espadrille wedgies and cross-body purse: check and check. Now bring on the vino!

On another wardrobe note, I've consigned the majority of my vintage 1960s-70s frocks, mostly because they're the size that would fit a Barbie Doll, and I doubt my 27-inch waist will return. Also because, well, loud patterns and nylon just don't fit my life anymore, just as those vintage oversize sunglasses don't seem to fit. That funky retro chick that started this blog four-plus years ago has changed. It's ok, I've mourned it and moved on, as leaving behind my retro style has coincided with amazing changes in my life (but please note, I may still do the goodbye post that features all the dresses, which has been in my Drafts folder for ages). I've held onto this black floral number, though, as I love it and it makes my post-preggo bod look ok.

I'll leave you with a shot of the wee one snapped at the beachy bar last weekend, wearing gifted items from overseas pals and fam. Hope you're all having a fab summer!