Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thrifty little guy

Six days old: wee little man

I've read every one of your lovely comments and I thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations. It's so heart-warming to hear from longtime readers across the globe, from the UK to Australia to Toronto, Canada - some of whom have never commented before. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your well-wishes, and I welcome some new followers who have come into the fold of late. I hope you are all happy and enjoying your summer!

Six days old, wearing gifted Ottawa Sens hockey bib - from a Canadian friend, EH!

Our little man turned five weeks old this week. I'm already feeling sentimental about his time as a newborn as he was so wee and has sadly outgrown some fave (thrifted) outfits. But Adam continues to fill our days with endless wonder and joy. We are truly blessed.

I'll return to regular thrifty style programming just as soon as I can stop snapping pics of my son long enough to direct the camera lens towards me, so please indulge me a while longer as I inundate you with baby pics. Besides, wouldn't I be remiss if I didn't show you some thrifty duds we've picked out for the little guy? He's worn this second-hand red and white outfit for weeks now and is growing into it well. I picked it up in a consignment shop in a nearby village.

He's already mastered hi-low dressing: shorts, new and gifted.
Alligator body suit: gift, found in a UK charity shop

Friends who visited the UK a while back returned with this adorable alligator bodysuit that they charity shopped. He looks like a little body-builder in it and it's saved the day many times in the past two weeks as it's been so warm weather-wise in Annecy.

Four weeks old

We found this overall and tee set in my local thrift shop. Oh yes, Adam has made a grand total of two visits to my local thrift shop already. Mommy and Daddy took introduced him to the concept in his second week of life. We breezed in and power shopped like never before, picking up 15 pieces for a grand total of 15 Euros!

Twelve days old and he's already in the thrift shop. 

Here's the photo to prove it.

Playing dress-up in a hat that came all the way from Canada

That's not to say he's against wearing new outfits from time to time. Grandma came for a nice long visit (she left yesterday; Adam and I are so sad) sporting almost an entire suitcase of clothes given by friends of the family from back home.

We found him some newborn sunglasses so he doesn't have to steal Daddy's pair

Sometimes the dress-up game can go too far. :)

Bath-time is perfect  for  trying out new and adorable facial expressions

Sometimes he just likes to hang out **sans** clothing.

Shot of Mommy a week after birth wearing a vintage chiffon blouse found in the local Annecy thrift shop;
a vintage Lanvin necklace, 10 Euro at Annecy antique market;
vintage 1980s tapestry bag, Etsy.

All right, here's a shot of me post-baby, just to let you know that I'm trying to be as stylish as possible even though I have a wee belly and I don't recognize my thighs anymore. So far I can fit only into my maternity jeans and my "fat" skinny jeans, sigh.

I found this handmade 1970s dress at the local weekly market and paired it with a UK charity-shopped Kelly bag and used Ugg wedgies found at my local consignment shop. Snapped while on our way to lunch in a local village a few weeks ago.

Ikat dress, Birthday pressie and found in Aix Les Bains last week

I turned 43 last week and bought this dress with some Bday money as breastfeeding and a bit of pregnancy weight has rendered all my wee summer frocks slightly tight on me. This empire-waisted, A-line style is a fave of mine and universally flattering - also good for hiding a slight pooch of a tummy.

Wanna count em?

I found this used frock at the market too and wear it only around the house as it's a bit too revealing up top.

Alas, hubby was away for my Bday but a gorg bouquet of long-stemmed red roses (with a wondrous smell) arrived at the door right around the time I was born so many years ago. What an absolute romantic sweetie pie. And the number of roses match my age - was torn between being impressed and horrified at the size of the bouquet!

One last look at the little guy. All is well. We have an all-terrain stroller and take him out every day. He falls asleep as we rattle him over the cobblestones.

Hope this super long post will suffice for a while as life is pretty busy now and it's taken me two days to get this up. :) When I can catch my breath I look forward to catching up with all of you. xo