Friday, April 26, 2013

Two 'new' tapestry coats - quelle indulgence!

Col des Araviz, La Clusaz.

Jeepers, it's been a busy time. With four or five weeks ago, we're in the final stages of baby prep: the crib is set up, the baby clothes are clean and ready, and the hospital bag is packed. We've also gone out for dinner with friends almost every night for the past week and a bit - gotta get our social ya-yas out while we can, right? The other day we drove up to the mountains and sunned ourselves on a huge patio, admiring Mont Blanc in the distance (not the mountain pictured above), while eating crepes and quaffing chocolat chaud. The weather has ranged from 24 degrees C and sunny to cooler rainy days, but the flowers and trees have exploded with popping blossoms and leaves - it is truly beautiful spring in Haute Savoie!

Last week: 35 weeks

For cooler days, I've upgraded my standard black maternity tights and generic black top look by adding a second-hand tapestry coat I picked up at the local consignment shop where I've left some of my 1970s frocks. I LOVE this baby. It's contemporary and likely only a few seasons old, made by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. I've seen a few listings for this exact coat online and apparently it sold for over $1,400 US new. Yeeps. The price tag on my coat was 75 Euro, a little under $100 USD.

I'm wearing it with green suede slouchy booties bought new in Canada and a humongous vintage 1980s carpet bag by UK maker Carpet Bags, bought on Etsy. I can't get the buttons on the coat closed at the mo, but no matter: that will come. I'll say it again: I just love this coat! It's sleek and stylish and will rock my neutrals, everything from jeans and wedge booties to dresses and wideleg pants.

Last week: 35 weeks

This blue beaut is a definite vintage 1970s find, stalked several months ago on Etsy by moi before I finally broke down and hit the "buy" button. I'm wearing it with thrifted Italian-made blue suede boots and a new wool dress that has served my expanding girth very well of late. It's slightly less fitted than the other coat but no less amazing, in my humble opin.

When I can fit back into my denim, I can see myself wearing this with a simple white tee, slightly flared blue jeans, strappy sandals and ethnic silver bling. Ironically I find both of these coats incredibly versatile - you wouldn't think so with the patterns, but I guess the key is not going overboard with stripes and polka dots underneath.

The silver filigre flower ring is slightly blurry but I wanted to show you the bling I accessorized the coat with - I was thinking Morocco for some reason, and this ring, found in a Toronto thrift shop and given to me by the owner, seemed to fit the bill. The silver tone and Lucite necklace is a fave Goodwill find from Toronto - I think it was $6 CAD.

I'll leave you with a shot from the patio that we were having dinner at the other night in the old town. The street looks deserted but don't be fooled: tourists were thronging that night but we managed to find a resto on a quiet side of the canal. Soon Annecy will be absolutely teeming with people and it will be impossible to push a stroller down our cobblestone street. I'm not looking forward to it!

I've been oh so slowly catching up with your blogs, leaving the odd comment here and there and sometimes just enjoying reading your posts sans commenting. I really hope to stay connected with you all but can already feel myself slipping away from blogging, as exhaustion takes over and I become increasingly preoccupied with our imminent arrival! Hope you're all well. xoxo

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ethnic pink accessories jazz up boring black mat outfit

Vintage ikat bag, Etsy; new Moroccan-made flats; thrifted denim jacket; vintage 1970s necklace.
Leggings and top, H&M maternity.
(end of week 34).

A flu last week has quelled my energy and nesting instinct somewhat, but I'm on the mend - just in time for gloriously sunny skies and 20-plus C temps in Annecy this week, double yay!

All of my thoughtful maternity style solutions have devolved into a standard uni of late: H&M tights and some generic top to go with them. My style solution, to pep things up a bit: accessories, natch. And given my penchant for all bits and bobs ethnic these days, it's not surprising I tarted up this outfit with my latest acquisitions: one, a gorg pink, white and black vintage ikat tote found on Etsy.

Two, leather ballerina flats from Morocco, bought from the willowy hippy-dippy gal who owns a shop just a few doors over from where I live, most of it comprising amazing Moroccan wares. These were on sale as they were last season.

Aren't they pretty? They make my size 10 feet look like flippers, but, after the initial-wear blisters fade away and the leather gives a wee bit, they'll be comfy as as a pair of old slippers.

Speaking of great accessories, I have to show off my latest 1970s necklace, purchased* at a local second-hand shop where I recently consigned some of my beloved 1970s frocks (goodbye tribute coming soon). It's 70s-chic, but with those dangly bits, it has a semi-tribal feel to it, methinks.

*I actually bought it with the proceeds of two pieces that have already sold!

It perfectly matches the style of the ring I bought in the same shop on Christmas Eve. Love!

I was still feeling a bit tired on Sunday, when this pic was snapped, but it was so beautiful out that hubby and I met friends around the lake. Needless to say, the place was thronging with peeps. This pic was snapped at 8pm, when everyone had gone home to dinner. I love the lake **sans** humans!

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EDIT: Crazy pregnant lady got it wrong - no Shoe Shine series today, my bad (see Bella's comment below). But still linking to the fabulous Bella 'cos she shines every day!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Matchy-matchy double-sided Gemini

I match the lake!

Quelle week: hubby's been away so I've tasked myself with various administrative to-dos, along with washing and organizing all the baby clothes we've been lucky enough to have given to us; buy the remaining baby stuff we needed; organize some clothing for the local consignment shop; socialize a little; and generally do all the running around I won't feel like in the weeks to come! I feel good, but tired. Thankfully I've had some good friends helping me.

I love this outfit - you can see I'm still groovin' on the tribal theme. I found this microfibre ruffle skirt in the old town new and fell in love with the pattern. Remember this style of skirt? I wore them as a teen in the early 80s.

33 Weeks!

The skirt just happens to go remarkably well with the tribal-esque scarf I bought at a December market in Annecy, also new. I threw in a Guatamalan bag I found for 5 Euros in Geneva. The sweater is new and accommodates my growing belly. Only the boots, ring and necklace are second-hand.

Ignore the bad hair and focus on the sparkly gem-like pendant (matched up with a vintage chain found in my box), found for a few Euro at the monthly brocante market here in Annecy. Normally the vintage bling pickings are slim at this market, but I happened upon a vendor this time with a few nifty pieces (one that I'll show you another time).

Check it out: it's two-sided, perfect for the Gemini in me!

Now, who would have thought that, before I even found this necklace, I went back and bought the same skirt as the one above, except in red hues? And who would have ever imagined that I also bought the red version of the above scarf because I loved the blue one so well?

Scarves and skirts, all matchy-matchy

Normally I don't plan things this well, nor am I really the person to buy TWO of one thing in different colours (I thought only men did that!). But these pieces and outfits they comprise seem to have been fated by the Style Gods. Not that I'm into matchy-matchy, as a rule, but I like the way everything has come together, and how the necklace, bought after the scarves and the skirts, just happens to complement their colour schemes! Yes, little things such as this excite me.

You can see I'm experimenting with collaging my finds. Anyone know a free program that doesn't have its name on the photos? I'm all for attribution, but in a caption. :)

The ring, part of the outfit, was found in the thrift shop for a Euro. I love the dome-like structure and green glass.

Thrifted at the same shop: huge handmade (and signed, but can't make it out) brass pendant with figure on it. I need to find a cord or chain worthy of it.

I replace my beat up wallets every season or so, and they're always thrifted, like this cute fabric David Jones one. And I couldn't resist the pink rhinestone brooch. It has such an Art Deco or Nouveau feel to it. It'll look cool on a jean jacket.

Speaking of cool, don't you just love the onsie our good friends, who've just had their baby, customized for us? It's perfect, considering I've found some great baby clothing at the thrift shop. No doubt, the thrift shop will be a place where the little guy will grow up!

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