Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Annecy at dusk, plus Hermes makes a visit to my wardrobe

I hope you've all had an utterly fabulous holiday season thus far. After my last blog entry, I did in fact snap a few pics of Annecy at dusk on Christmas Eve, just an hour or two before the shops closed at six (and boy, was I wrong: the old town was a madhouse). This is the entry way to the pedestrian area in the old town, which currently houses the Christmas market I featured in my last post.

I just love the lights they string up across the narrow streets in France. When I was in Aix en Provence a good decade ago at Christmas, they did the same thing in the old town.

I don't buy my flowers at this shop as I find them quite pricey, but this flower shop in the old town truly has the most spectacular frontage. In the summer, beautiful floral displays wend their way up the old stone walls, and, as you can see, the loveliness extends to the holiday season.

One of the old churches in Annecy is quite lovely when lit up. A few days before Christmas it had to compete with a kids' ride.

You can just see the gold Madonna at the top.

This is another church just around the corner.

Christmas was a laid-back affair at our place. Hubby got home in the afternoon and we unwrapped pressies, then popped the bird in the oven (didn't eat until 11 p.m. so we'll dress the turkey before pressies next time).

In honour of the occasion, I wore a thick shirt by Ellen Tracy that I thrifted in Canada years ago and have literally worn only once. Since emerald green is the hot colour for 2013, I decided to pop it on with leggings and my thrifted Italian booties.

My legs look like pipe cleaners, but I wanted to give you an idea of how over-sized it is.

The silk is thick and sheeny - perfect for festive holiday garb.

I wore it with a vintage costume ring and bracelet I picked up at a local vintage store - the only one in Annecy. The bracelet reminds me a little of my Cartier love band wedding ring. The ring is kind of industrial looking.

I used to think that this Hermes "How a scarf is born" poster, advertising a 1989 seminar in London about the art of Hermes scarf making, was the closet thing I'd get to a Hermes scarf.

But guess what Santa baby bought me? I've always wanted an Hermes scarf. According to fashion journalist Dana Thomas in her book, Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre, Hermes is one of the few luxury fashion houses that's stayed true to its artisan roots and hasn't moved off-shore to produce its goods. Hermes scarves, like mine, are still hand-rolled and printed. I love that that tradition is still intact.

And it just so happens to go with my emerald green top!


  1. Those pics are absolutely amazing! You look lovely!
    Following you on GFC! It will be awesome if you check my blog. :)

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  2. You look gorgeous in your emerald shirt and Hermes scarf! I love your smile in the photo of you holding your scarf - it's easy to tell you're thrilled! I like the shape of that ring, very cool. Annecy looks so pretty with the Christmas lights.

  3. I love the bold colors and jewelry! =)

  4. Wonderful scarf and blouse. You have the best accessorie in that smile of yours, my dear friend.

  5. The jewelry...
    The SCARF!...
    tres, tres magnifique!

  6. That photo of you laughing is just beautiful!
    I love your ring and bracelet and your man chose a fantastic gift, the colours are glorious. xxxx.

  7. oh wow you lucky girl !
    Those Hermes scarf are something else , i have seen them in Vegas, so wonderful
    I think they say in french - un carré Hermes?
    Ariane xxxxx

  8. Great gift, Kelly - and you look very happy to own a Hermes scarf!
    Love your jewellery, and your photos of Annecy are delightful. xxx

  9. What a gorgeous shirt and the scarf is just beautiful. I am SO jealous.

  10. Oh I am freaking out over your first Hermes scarf! Love love love the pattern! What a delightful gift. You are so lucky! If the weather will warm up just a tad I am going to be wearing my H scarves too. XO, Jill