Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rest in Peace, dear Dinky

I don't normally get this personal on my blog, but I can't let this one go. I've been absent as my sweet little kitty of 16 years, Dinky, fell ill a few weeks ago. A 5-day hospital stay followed by a week's worth of treatments at home and a turn for the worse on Friday led my hubby and I to make the hardest decision ever, to have her put down. She was really ill and suffering, with a host of medical problems that suddenly got worse. She died Friday night with us by her side, at a local veterinary hospital that took excellent care of her. We're waiting for her ashes so we can scatter them over one of our favorite spots here.

Her birth harkens back to my University days in Ottawa, Ontario in 1996. The story of her beginning is funny: I unknowingly pawned off a pregnant stray cat on my beau at the time, Dink's Mommie, whom my beau named Minou. One day my beau called me to say that Minou was having kittens on his arm. A real charmer, he named the four kittens Inky, Dinky, Stinky and Pinky. When I visited the kittens, they all looked the same. (Wish I had pics to share but they are hard copy pics in my Mom's basement). As the weeks wore on, I fell in love with Dinky, who was always off to the side by herself. The beau didn't last long, but my love of my wee little Dinky sure did.

She and I have been through so much together, from different apartments in Ottawa, to my crappy boyfriends; from moving to Toronto to an extended stay on her part at Grandma and Grandpa's when I moved to the UK after marrying my wonderful husband, who is an animal lover and who loved and cared for Dink right to the end with me. Dink and her bud, Dag (pictured below, who I've had for about 13 years) made the sojourn to France a couple months ago. I'm so glad we had a little bit of time to spend together in these last few months of her life. Now Dag is on his own, and I must try my best to make him feel not so lonely.

Dink was the gentlest of souls, and I love her dearly. I'm feeling really, really sad at the moment as I miss her horribly, and feel badly that she suffered in the end. Telling a wee bit of her story has helped, so thanks for reading.

Dink even made a few appearances on this blog, lounging on thrifted chairs and loveseats hauled out of the trash (the latter, ironically enough, were dug up by the same beau who cared for her at birth). She even posed with a pair of thrifted pointy toe shoes I bought a few years ago (which didn't stay in my wardrobe for long). Just like her Mommie, loving a good deal on fashion finds!

Rest in Peace, little muffin head.

Monday, October 1, 2012

1990s 'ditsy' dress

This 1990s dress, my latest Etsy purchase, arrived in the post today - I was so excited to get it that I actually changed dresses to I could wear it today!

I am really digging these 1990s frocks. I used to wear them back in the day, but got rid of them all years ago. Then a few weeks ago: BANG! I had to have one! Thanks to fellow blogger Joyatri for telling me that folks call this a "ditsy" or "ditzy" dress. Think it refers to the wee floral patterns - am I right?

Whooee, I haven't worn a frock this short in a looong time! But if you can't strut your stuff at 42, when the heck are you going to do it??? Check out Vix's most recent post for some killer gams!

Dress: vintage 1990s, Etsy
Blue suede boots: vintage 1970s?, Made in Italy, thrifted in Toronto, Canada 
Black velvet elastic belt: vintage, found in Toronto, Canada
Wool blazer: J Crew, thrifted in Toronto, Canada
Leather bag: French, thrifted, story coming soon!!
Wool pashmina: new, bought my first year in Toronto 7 years ago
Bracelet: vintage, found in Toronto, Canada
Tights: new.

Here's  close up of the bracelet, which was around $35 in a Toronto vintage shop. Pricey for GQ standards but I loved it so much, and it's so distinctive. The blues complemented the blues in the dress today, so it was a must with my outfit even though it catches on every thing!

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