Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I heart Avon hearts these days, and Etsy too

I used to have a heart pendant, years ago, but in recent years I've thought of them as too cutsie. Then in February, while waiting to emigrate to the UK to be with the new hubby, all of a sudden, hearts had all kinds of appeal. Guess love was on the brain., a fab online selling site for vintage and handmade items, yielded this vintage Avon heart necklace for less than $20 including shipping. It's not the style I typically favour, being small and sweet, but I really rather liked it, and I've worn it quite a bit in the UK. I also picked up a filigre ball pendant for my Mom for her B-day from the same seller, which she loved. Yah Etsy!!

I also found this larger Avon pendant that I reacted to emotionally, loving it on sight - don't get me wrong: it's lovely. But it's hard to dind things to wear with as I don't really wear red, and I'm not into wearing it over black as I think it would look silly. A statement piece like this merits just the perfect outfit to go with it.

A word of caution about Etsy: shop around for the same piece to see if you can get it for a lower price. The day I searched (and reacted emotionally, buying quickly), this was the only piece of its kind. Two days later there were two more, priced at substantially less. Vintage Avon pieces are common enough on Etsy, and I've seen many necklace pendants that I already own for prices ranging from $10-$50 for the same piece! So do your comparison shopping, and buy quickly only if you suspect the piece is one-of-a-kind or hard to find. Have fun - and while you're at it grab a glass of vino and take your time - before you know it, I betcha you'll have spent a good chunk of time sifting through all the vintage goodies!


  1. Love the new photo - and the iconic red Brit phone booth in the background!
    Hope you're happy in your new life. :)

  2. Thank you, I am! That's an older photo but I love it. Sadly those red telephone booths are starting to disappear in the UK - there's only one in the town in which I live, that I know of. I wonder what they do with them when they retire them??

  3. While your strolling ETSY - stop into NUGENTS (my workplace)- just got a fresh estate load of jewelry, and we're adding daily!! ...and if you're really bored stop by svelteSTUFF and say 'HI' - I'll make sure you get a good deal at either one!!

    GLAD you are loving your new life abroad - HOW EXCITING!! Do you ever see Sweater clips / guards over there??


  4. Cool, I will check out your shop asap! I haven't seen any sweater clips but I can keep an eye out for you. Of course I've seen them on Etsy, and I thought of you!