Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let me indulge in some shameless husband-bragging, because after all, I am feeling slightly like a fish out of water in the UK as I re-learn basic tasks like shopping, crossing the street and performing mundane domestic duties with electronic devices that flabbergast me ... and my new hubby, bless him, has done every thing to make me so welcome in my new home: after sending me a dozen roses for Valentine's Day before I came over, I arrived to our home to find a lovely bouquet of flowers and "New Home" card. Aww, could I love him more? People here put flower bouquets in their windows, btw.

The flowers are apropos as they're every where: Spring has hit this tiny coastal town, and we're not talking mere crocuses: I saw full-grown daffoldils in someone's front yard the other day! I'm amazed at the green here - I suppose that, without the snow we get in Canada, that the grass just doesn't turn brown - period. Then there's the rain here, but then again I'm also surprised on this front as I expected continual torrents of the stuff - not so. The weather, I've quickly learned, changes on a dime, and clouds and rain can blow in one minute and give way the next to blue skies and sunshine.

The sea is lovely - that's an old covered pier behind me. The tide comes in every 12 hours, and when it's low tide people walk with their dogs along the beach. Maybe they even sun tan in the summer, though they don't get the scorchers we get in Canada, alas. In fact I'm already beginning to think I won't be able to wear any of my cute sundresses here - that is, if the woman I spoke to recently is in fact right. According to her, a high of 17 degrees C is all I can hope for, yeeks!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day three in the UK

So I can't figure out how to open the lock on the front door, but that will come: it's day three in the UK and I've started my new adventure as an immigrant here, living with my new hubby at last! Yesterday was lovely and warm (13 degrees C) and even sunny, though today was rainy. I haven't done any rummaging yet, but here I am in what could become my new uniform for the early spring: a Canadian thrifted ultrasuede trench (not bad protection from the rain, to be honest), some cute Guess? booties, a vintage Kangool beret, and - to battle that incessant drizzle and coastal damp - a cashmere sweater. The necklace is vintage 1980s Lucite. I'm standing in my new back garden. Doesn't it look so very English??

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I don't normally do bling "sets"

All my bling-bling is packed away in anticipation of my transatlantic move, but I did happen to have a pic of the lovely Danish and pewter pendant (circa 1960s/70s?) given to me as a wedding present from one of the members of the Toronto Vintage Costume Jewellery Club. I just love it. I'm so attracted to green these days; I think it's a sign of fresh new beginnings.

I'm not really a matchy-matchy person, but when I saw this used silver and green ring at the TVCJC Sale in November, I picked it up for $20. Even though it's more contemporary, it still goes with the pendant. So now I have a set. Gee, I sure do miss my bling that's all packed away ....