Friday, January 13, 2012

Here comes the bride and groom

I was married to my dear hubby two weeks ago today - here's an artsy shot of me reflected in the window, with the sparkly relfection from my brooch dancing on my neck. Pretty artsy isn't it?

The entire day was just so beautiful. The wedding was small and intimate, not one of those billion dollar weddings, and just the way we wanted it. Perfect for the Grunge Queen! Though there was nothing grungy about it, more like pure elegance.

We weren't near a mistletoe, but we did get married in front of the Christmas Tree!

He's wearing Hugo Boss; I'm wearing a fab (and reasonably-priced) convertable dress by Henkaa, a Toronto business.

A Brit, my man wanted to get a snap of us out in the snow, to show his pals back in Jolly Old! They don't get snow like we do here in Ottawa ....

I look a little dumpy here, but doesn't my husband look hunky? I love saying "my husband." Does that thrill ever wear off, I wonder? Hope not.

So I am now, happily, Mrs. Jackson. Kelly Jackson. Has quite a good ring to it, doesn't it?

It was just such a magical day, and I wasn't at all a Bridezilla (do all brides say that, regardless of whether or not it's true?). I will always cherish it as the most special memory. Here's to more good ones!