Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Babushka, Babushka

Don't you love her? My sister had a Babushka, a set of Russian nesting dolls, when we were growing up in the 1970s. I always loved them.

I have a gal pal, a close friend and reader of this blog, who I call "Babushka" - not because she's an old Russian lady, the meaning of the word! It's def a term of endearment. When I saw these in (you know where!) I knew she had to have them!

OMG, bottom tag says USSR, pretty wild eh? There's a piece of history for ya.

My pal loves them, as I knew she would. Who says you can't find a meaningful gift in the thrift shop? Heck, can you even find these things new these days? Certainly not with the USSR tag!


  1. I love those nesting dolls! How luck to get some originals from the mother-land. Hehe!

  2. I, Caterina (Cathy P.) am the recipient of those wonderful and most sentimental Babushka's that my dear pal and close friend of the heart Kelly gave me. I remember exactly when she Baptised me with the name Babushka, I was packing a doggie bag for her to take home after a dinner at my place ! We laughed...LOLOLOLOLOL....

    Kelly you're a gem,

    Love ya,

    Cathy P.

  3. Amanda, I know, nice to know they're not cheap repros -- I imagine those are out there!

  4. My dear Cath, a.k.a "Babushka": so glad you love them. I knew you would and it was pure joy to give them to you and see your reaction!
    Love Kxo

  5. Matroishka dolls, not babushka.

  6. Nope, both meanings apply, and babushka is def my preference! Babushka means an old Russian lady or a triangular headscarf, or, apparently both (Google the word and you may get an image of old Russian women with head scarves on! Perhaps that's why that meaning also applies, as the dolls, though not all old, have head scarves??).

  7. Those nesting dolls where always a favorite of mine. Very hard to find here but I always look when I'm at flea markets or thrift stores.
    Enjoy, they make quite a conversation piece for people who have never seen them.