Friday, April 22, 2011

More 'Easter' bling

Picked up for a song at Canadian Thrift. I thought this brass pendant was just so boho!

It didn't come with a chain but I just fixed it up on one I had. My philosophy with bling is the same with all my other accessories, including lamps and pillows: just change things up! Alternate chains and pendants as you would lampshades with different lamp bases!


  1. And hey - it's an Easter Egg! Timely. LOL

  2. Hi I emailed you last week asking if you know where I could sell some of my old jewellery(I just missed the vintage show).Just wondering. thanks

  3. Yah, I guess it IS kinda like an Easter egg isn't it? Happy Easter!

  4. Swan, I apologize, I missed responding to your message. I guess it depends what kind of jewellery you have. You could try renting a table at the Sunday Antiques market at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto if you have enough bling. I find there isn't a lot of really collectible pieces there as the market caters more to the masses.

    You could try selling to dealers outright if you have collectible stuff, though I'm not sure what kind of prices you'll get. If you are interested, send me more details to my grungequeen email (any signed pieces, era etc) and if you like I can send an email to the Toronto Vintage Costume Jewellery Club members with your contact details as many of the members are dealers/sellers and sometimes are looking to buy.

    If you think you have quite collectible pieces I would advise doing some research to see the best way to sell and prices to ask ... though prices you'll see on books and online aren't always representative of a piece's true value. It's tricky and alas, since I only buy as opposed to selling, I'm not the expert. I do see a lot of jewellery online at Ebay but I can't comment on what selling online is like - my guess is online selling has brought the prices down so you may not make the best dollar.

    Hope that helps a bit. Good luck!