Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rock n' roll bracelet

Found at Petra's haircutting place (see two previous posts). Haven't worn it yet but I'm not really seeing a rock n' roll outfit. Instead I see it with a crisp white summer outfit: long flowy pants and a flowy top, a la boho disco trend that's happening this spring.

Le sigh. IS spring coming?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bling & bang trims!

So the boho bling I showed you in the post before this was found at a hairdresser's in East York on Coxwell Ave. at Danforth Ave. Owner Petra cuts hair, but she sells jewellery and other baubles out of her front window! Gotta love it.

She's got lots of pins and some necklaces, mostly retro and vintage. Not thrift shop prices but not bad. Worth a gander!

You can't miss the sign ....

Monday, March 28, 2011

More boho bling

The floodgates have opened: I picked up more second-hand boho bling the other day. This (sterling? looks like it but I can't find a mark) bib-style necklace is actually pretty on trend now. But I bought it for its handmade looking quality and pretty florals.

I liked the beat up old-world elegance of this filigre pendant, quite large, suspended from a leather cord. This one could be 1960s or 70s but it's kinda hard to tell.

You won't believe where I found these pieces. Will tell you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ring rethink

I picked up this Mexican silver purple cut glass ring a few springs ago at a local garage sale. I had it in my 'get rid of' pile up until this morning, when I yanked it out. I really love this ring. My rule: toss what you are so-so about (give away, sell, whatever) but hang on to the lovers.

It shows off my manicure too - which I gave myself, of course!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The gift of gab and new thrifted sweater

What do the two have to do with one another? Everything, if you're wearing a thick sweater thrifted for a whole three bucks that was made at the Blarney Woolen Mills in Ireland.

Apparently the blarney stone, from a tower at Blarney Castle in Ireland, endows the person who kisses it with the gabs.

According to the oh so authoritative source, good 'ole Wiki, blarney means "clever", "coaxing" or "coaxing." Is that me? Ahem.

Anyway, I love my new Blarney sweater. Perfect for the frigid temps that have descended on our fair city!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boho bling

A recent dig at a thrift shop I shall not name ('cos I got the load for $10; they like me!) yielded some fun costume bling with a boho vibe. Granted the pieces aren't vintage, but I liked them as they're slightly bohemian in style - like this pewter tone peacock pendant and chain - and sturdily made.

This ring isn't silver, but I liked the flowers. Very spring like.

I think this is a kid's choker as the large loop that you're supposed to hook onto at the back is so short I can't fit it around my little neck! No probs - I just do up the back on another link and voila, I have a funky little bauble to wear with summer sundresses.

I don't normally wear bracelets but I liked the blotchy silvery accents to this one. Can't tell if the black stones are real - think they may be plastic as they make a certain noise when I tap-tap them. But the piece is well-made and doesn't fall off my bony wrist!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jeepers, creepers, where'd ya get those ....?

I've been told my peepers are, well, rather nice. That may be so. But, after a trip to the eye doctor prompted by headaches and rather debilitating eye pain, it's been discovered that not only has my prescription changed (for the better - one of the ironic things about aging is your eyes often DO get closer to 20/20) - but my eyes also require bi-focals AND I have the beginnings of cateracts.

Oh joy.

What this means: new eyewear. Every day glasses, sunglasses, contacts too. More expensive with the bi-focals (progressives, thank you very much, no granny line on the lens for me). No insurance. Almost poverty level writer's salary. Yippee. Hello Visa.

Alas, I can't and refuse to cheap out on my eyeballs. One of the few things were the "cheap is chic" adage most emphatically does not apply! (Ok, so I'm saving on the frames by putting new lenses in my existing frames - there's a wee bit of Grunge Queen verve for you).

Monday, March 21, 2011

This little vintage piggy went to the antique market

But she didn't cry wee wee wee all the way home - that's 'cos she had such a fun time with her gal pal, Marsha, at the Sunday Antique Market at the St. Lawrence Market downtown!!

It was a fab day for so many reasons - and not just because I got to eyeball goodies such as this modish plastic purse with boho embellishments (a bit of a contradiction in terms for me, but still it caught my eye).

I also got to meet 'in the flesh' some amazing folk that I have only known in the Twitter or blogosphere - like Yank Azman, who shares a booth at the market with his wife (he does guy vintage stuff like cufflinks and she does bling and handbags - the bag above is hers, and it was selling for only $40).

Yank is an antiques dealer, actor and so much more (check out the link I've provided; he's a true Renaissance Man), and he was one of my first Twitter pals; then we became Facebook friends, and then I SAW him at a bunch of Toronto Vintage Costume Jewellery Club sales but I didn't introduce myself as he was so busy selling (NOTE: next TVCJC sale is Sunday, April 17 at Leaside Gardens, 10am-4pm, free admission and really good vintage bling!). Then today, at market, we finally met - and the crazy thing is, we both recognized each other in an instant! (This retro plastic crochet-like purse: only $30).

I also saw tons of my pals from the TVCJC who are dealers at the market. One dealer, "Robbie", is a relation of a lovely lady who I met through the club. I've only ever corresponded with Robbie via email, so again, it was great to put the face to the name. It looks as though he just may well be the King of the Sunday Antique Market. He occupies one of the best tables (at the southern end, on a corner, in between the washrooms and the snackbar) and it looks as though every one knows him.

I also had the pleasure of meeting - finally - Kelly Stapleton of BlackRose Vintage, who I 'met' through this blog. Kelly and a few other vintage dealers have the only standalone shop in the same building as the Sunday Antique Market, called Antiques at the St Lawrence (no website but check out 92 Front St. E; 416-350-8865 and open Thursdays - Sundays).

Kelly and I were having so much fun chatting that I can't give you the full low down on what she carries, but suffice it to say the shop is full of Shabby Chic linens, English china and assorted tableware, and a range of vintage accessories, clothing and bling.

Meanwhile outside, I found this pendant and chain from dealer Larry Noble. I was generally disappointed with the vintage bling at the market as a whole - there are a few good dealers, and the rest sell junky contemporary stuff. This piece was inexpensive and I just loved its rough hewn look - such a contradiction when you look at the style of the piece.

Larry has some neat jewellery items - some vintage, some contemporary, some handmade. His crystal-like necklaces that you can see behind him are outfitted with glimmering chandelier pieces as pendants, and let me tell you, they catch my eye every time I go to the market. Think I will have to buy one the next time I go back

Especially since I am now in possession of an Anti Haggle coupon Larry gave me, which entitles me to 25% off my next purchase. What a sweetheart.

Larry also gave me a Happiness and Good Fortune coupon, which invites me to Keep my Sunnyside Up, Be Thankful, and Keep Smiling, and Think Positive. Words to live by.

It was an apt message to take home from the market, because today was a very good Karma day. All of the people I have written about here I like and would buy from - in fact would deliberately seek them out. Buying from peeps you like keeps the good Karma churning, in my opin.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Green dreams

In honour of St. Patty's day I'm showing you some of my fave green thrifted fashions. I have never showed you these super thick silk 1980s Ellen Tracy shirt as I don't like the outfit I built around it over a year or so ago. But the silk is amazing and the style - oversize, with long slits up the side and a big floppy collar - is just to die for.

I was at an event at H&M the other night (a place I never shop in) and I gave in to these sexy 1970s style hi-waisted wide-legged cream pants. This shirt, tied in a knot to accentuate the waist, will look super glam with them - I can hardly wait to find an event to wear the outfit to!!

But my most favourite green thrifted find: this Kelly green vintage Irving Posluns jacket with faux fur sleeves and collar that you can flip up, found for a screaming $14.99.

It was my first Posluns jacket. I showed you my second a few weeks ago, but this one is in way better condition. It's so fab my sis 'borrowed' it and has been wearing it all around town lately! We both wear it well, I must say.

Happy St. Patty's Day! Did you wear green today? I didn't; hence this post!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What the heck are they?

Hanging ashtrays? Planters? 1970s bird feeders? Pure decorative kitsch?

One of the items I've seen in vintage and collectible shops that I haven't been able to figure out, but have intrigued me nevertheless.

Any guesses?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A thought on vintage purse design

I took these photos over three years ago when I did an article on a vintage shop, but I never used these pics of all these amazing vintage purses. I have a thing for vintage purses as they are structurally so interesting, so very often works of art from a design perspective.

I remember looking at this beat up but super interesting bag style purse.You can't tell but it's made of hard metal and suede. I thought it was so sculpturally funky and said so, and the owner said designers often come in and buy up neat pieces such as this to know them off.

I hadn't thought of that, but do I sound like a a crabby pants to say that so much of what's out there in fashion is knock offs, either of current designers or vintage looks? Guess that's the way it is. And am I being silly to think vintage is pure in this respect, void of any reference to the past? Probably.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sarah Coventry pin & yet another coat from my collection

When I can't cajole people in my life to take pics of me for this blog, I end up posting these delightful (read: scary close up) shots of moi. Here the flash makes my wrinkles bearable - and actually showcases part of the reason for this post, the nautical Sarah Coventry pin I picked up for, like, a buck. It made me think summer, which is helpful for the spirit as the sleet and snow and rain you see behind me has been the norm this past week or so, ug.

Unforch, I can't show you the whole of the 3/4 coat I'm wearing with it - a chic boxy style with mega shoulder pads that looks good with skinny jeans. Hopefully what you see here will give you a bit of an idea. It's a colour that looks pretty crap on me but I never let that get in my way: I simply don a scarf in a shade that rocks on me (in this case, royal blue).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring swing

Rainy rainy spring-like weather is here and thank God, I don't have to wear my heavy winter coat. I've had this thin wool coat for years but haven't really worn it because of the gigantic shoulder pads a friend just helped me take out.

It's by Escada and I found it in a consignment shop in Toronto. I love the deep blue shade  - worn with the beret it makes me feel tres French for some reason. Same with the swing. It may make me look a wee bit bigger but I just feel so swishy in this coat, like I should be walking down some teeny cobbled street in France.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toronto Vintage Costume Jewllery Club Show coming in April

I look a bit dorky here but am wearing a piece I bought at last April's Toronto Vintage Costume Jewllery Club Show. It's stamped Sperry, a name about which I know zip, but it's one of my faves. It came with a bracelt with the same heart/design motif, $45 for the pair.

If you're on the lookout for vintage costume bling, the next show is this Sunday, April 17 at the Leaside Memorial Gardens in Toronto. For more info check out the club's Facebook page or email! See you there!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fur in the mirror

These rather horrible pics of moi in the mirror seem to receive a lot of hits - so here I am wearing my spring prep outfit donned one warmish day last week that was, alas, short-lived. I'm wearing my new Costa Blanca skinny jeans - boy are they skinny - along with my thrifted Italian suede booties, a Point Zero cardi I found at the $2 Sale in Toronto, a real cashmere scarf found at a shop on St. Clair Ave. W in Toronto for under $10, a leather dollar store belt ($2), and a thrifted blue fur jacket.

I admit to having my reservations about even thrifted fur. But it's so damn warm, and I really liked the look I pulled together.The leather bag slung over the shoulder gave it a chic, je ne sais quoi kind of 'tude.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vintage Irving Posluns jacket, thrifted

Finally, it's been warm enough to shed the winter coat and now I can show you a thrifted coat I've been dying to show you! A Made in Canada leather swing coat by Irving Posluns - $19.99 at Canadian Thrift!!

Isn't it darling? Suede with faux fur trim and an A-line shape, it looks great with skinny jeans. I have a def thing for Irving Posluns jackets - the coat designer was hot in Toronto in the 1960s. I've seen some of his stuff for sale online and coats can be upwards of $300. I prefer to find mine thrift!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Perk-me-up thrifted ring

It's been a tiring stressful week, so yesterday while doing work errands I nipped into a thrift shop and found this silver ring for $4.99. I like its arty-ness and almost mosaic influence.

I also like the shape: it's organic and seems to hug my finger perfectly. The yellows and oranges are working with the palette that's really attracting me now. Guess I just want sping to be here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Past rooms I have loved

Mmmm, last night's post was on lazy decorating and I'll continue the theme tonight as I've been too tired and too busy to rejig my digs of late, sigh. Which is a shame as doing so always invigorates me and alleviates stress.

I like the little tableau on the coffee table (garage sale special) that I created here - I plopped a thrifted velvet scarf on top as a runner and a lamp thrifted at a junk shop. The acidy green colours here are appealing to me too. The bookcase angled in the corner creates a nice wee nook too.

I love the colourful jumble of silky and velvet pillows tossed on my Barrymore loveseat. May need to recreate that look.

My little Dinky doo liked it too ....

Can't leave Dag out. And speaking of nooks, this blue velvet chair (found in the trash) is the perfect lounging chair for a certain feline friend. Love the string curtains and the angled bookshelf again (the latter of which I've lugged around since my 20s); very cozy.

I'm patting myself on the back for the low-slung print over the table (thrifted for $4.99, framed at Simpsons, I swear to God). Sometimes lower is better.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Keep it the same but change it up

An exercise in doublethink: you can keep it the same, yet change the look.

In other words, the next time you feel the urge to do a room re-do but don't have the energy for a full-on makeover, simply keep the bones of the room the same and change up the sofa, cushions, artwork and accessories.

Admittedly the first look is a little blah, but keep in mind the time of day is different here so the colours aren't popping as nicely.

But I do tend to prefer this look as the jewel tones pop out more. It's nice to know there's a designer's solution for a gal who craves change in her pad but is often too busy or lazy to move all the furniture around.

Often, rotating the accessories and switcherooing the loveseats can do wonders. Then the fun comes in re-jigging the accessories; you can just let go and play.

P.S. Most of the furniture and accessories here are either thrifted or from the trash!