Monday, May 24, 2010

Retro oversize shades - my collection

The long weekend in Toronto has been lovely, even though I've been chained to my desk working on a contract.

Last night I let loose and went out. Here I am in my latest vintage acquisition, a pair of authentic 1970s sunglasses! Aren't they fab?

I picked them up in a vintage shop that's squirreled away in the basement of a book shop. The place is called "Vantage Ground" and it's located at 758 Bathurst St. just south of Bloor in Toronto.

The shades were $15 and still had the original tag on them (which said "Valentino", ha ha, not THE Valentino).

There was also the original sticker still stuck on one of the lenses. I was thinking that perhaps the shades were repros, or reproductions, but on second thought I don't think so. They just look too well made to be contemporary fun shades - does that sound too cynical?

I have a thing for retro over-size shades. Here are the purple ones that started it all.

I may look a little scary and pale here - it was after an event and I was tired - but hopefully these glasses speak for themselves. Second-hand but in great shape, they were reposing in the window of an ancient hardware store on Danforth called "Tracey's Hardware." And they were $3!

Then there's these crazy ones, made in Italy, ooh la la, but picked up at my fave vintage bling and handbag shop in the city, "The Bead Goes On" just off Bayview Ave. at Soudan in Toronto.

They were $15. The blue is slightly freaky on me, but I wear them when the mood and outfit is right. They are so impossibly retro!

And last but not least, I scored these vintage babies at the Toronto Vintage Costume Jewellery Club Show & Sale April 24 at Leaside Memorial Gardens - for five bucks!

Dealer Anita was selling them for her auntie - they belonged to her and Anita told me she remembered her aunt wearing them decades ago!

Actually I owe Anita a buck so they were really $4.

Which ones do you like best?

And while we're at it which haircut do you like best? As you can see I'm growing my hair after being short short for years ....


  1. My favorites are the ones you bought from Anita, but I love them all. And buying vintage sunglasses may not have anything to do with singledom...I'm married with child and just have a love for all things beautiful, as do you:)
    Keep it guilt free,

  2. Nikki, I'm sorry I missed responding to this - I've been in vacay mode for so long! You are so right about the age thing, and loving the beautiful things part too!!