Friday, May 7, 2010

Punk look, thrifted, with Rita Tesolin necklace

So the Innovators' Ball last night was a blast: I stayed out way past midnight (theme was "Midnight Spell" to complement the Harry Potter exhibition) and now have a ranging sinus infection, ug.

Got some great pics of me in my loaned Rita Tesolin, which my date took and I will post later.

In the meantime here's an artsy shot of me in my Rita Tesolin sample sale piece, a 1970s Nina Ricci chain that Tesolin has embellished with stone hearts - very rock n' roll chic meets sweetheart-cutsie.

Another artsy shot by Chris, my pal and fashion photographer at work who's actually a fellow reporter.

I decided to punk my look out yesterday, inspired by that chain. So I donned a thrifted black top and blazer, and a uber short thrifted velvet high-waisted skirt by Teenflo.

Sassy patterned nylons and thrifted Nine West booties finished off the look. Meow!

This chain is so amazing; it's ultra heavy but I love the weight. At first I thought I would have preferred black hearts over the nude ones, but the chain is so fab I think a contrasting colour heart would compete with it. As is the neutral hearts don't detract from the showpiece chain.

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