Thursday, May 20, 2010

Green dreams

Yesterday was a stressful and busy day, but I'm going to share the happy parts of my day with you:

The day began with this retro Hoover vacuum spied outside my apartment dumpster as I was heading to work in the morning.

Just look at the dust bag at the back. The pattern is so pretty it could be a handbag!

Appliances are more muscle-bound macho industrial now, perhaps to appeal to the growing male market - no longer us chicks staying at home and doing the cleaning!

When I got to work, I saw that one of the Canadian Geese that hang out around the building had had her little ones - and here they are sunning themselves on a low hill, with mommy not pictured by very nearby.

Aren't they adorable?

They'll be waddling around the area for the next few weeks. The geese come back every year. I wonder what attracts them to a semi-industrial area where I work?

Then, at lunch, some of the work gang went to the Dairy Queen nearby, which we'd never been to in spite of having worked down the street for a few years!

Here's my pal Chris, wielding a Blizzard for our editor - Banana Cream Pie or something - do you know they still put real bananas in?? We watched them chop it up and everything.

We had burgs and fries and ice-cream outside on the patio - a great way to celebrate the day as it was super warm.


  1. Like the new banner photo!
    Dairy Queen was the best place for ice cream when we lived in T.O.
    Now it's the Dairy Bars which have opened up last weekend and are making a killing. The line ups are also huge.
    I guess the deep fried mars bar is too die for.
    I'm serious it really is on the menu.

  2. Thanks!

    I grew up going to Dairy Queen in Ottawa - it's so retro looking even now, and they kept the retro sign!

    Funny, someone told me about fried Mars bars only the other day -- can't remember the context but I thought it so odd. Hear it's yummy!