Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bookcases gone by

Ever get nostalgic for furniture you used to have?

I found this pic yesterday of a custom-made blue bookshelf an ex gave me - romantic eh?

The same man hauled two Barrymore loveseats in mint condition out of the trash for me.

Shoulda married him.

This was from a client of his, whose entire house was blue.

The bookcase is so big it's been in Ottawa for five years. I miss it. I want it. I need to find a way to get it up here for cheap. I don't drive. I'm reliant on the kindness of bookcase-hauling strangers .... Wah.


  1. Big bookcases are so hard to find..it's as if no one reads any more so there's no market to make them. I wish I could find one so I could find a place for my mountain of books that are steadily growing.


  2. I hear you Tricia. I have an ugly IKEA one a pal gave me. I love the old wooden ones with the glassed doors but they're not cheap, if you can find 'em. Not ready to let go of this one yet; hopefully I can get it up here one day!