Friday, May 28, 2010

Alexis in vintage necklace with gifted Grunge Queen shoes

This is my friend and co-worker Alexis, wearing some fabulous costume vintage bling around her neck.

I love the colours; I love it that she stole it from her sister's closet.

The piece says "West Germany" and reminds me of a brightly-hued plastic multi-tier necklace I have with the same stamp.

Apparently the necklace was given to Alexis' sis by a friend whose granny had passed on.

I like that Alexis decided to go all-black for the rest of her outfit. That way the pops of yellow and orange really stand out.

She's wearing some yellow 1980s shoes I picked up last year for under $10. They were just to great for me to leave behind, even though they weren't my size.

They ended up fitting Alexis perfectly.

You go girl!


  1. The necklace is beautiful. I really love the colours.
    Those shoes look like they are going to have some fun.
    You have a great eye for finding the neatest stuff.
    That for the inspiration I needed for my pin post. Hope you enjoy.

  2. Great pin post The Witch! I love all the different theme-pins you've amassed! Yah, I wish these shoes fit me but it felt good to spread the thrifty love around ....