Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beauty splurges & saves

Ok I lied: Giant Tiger outfit coming tomorrow.

Since I'm on vacay the theme this week has been R & R, and some pampering thrown in.

My beauty splurge: a facial for $60 (def an -out-of-Toronto price!).

This is me after my facial, pretty much without makeup (save for the cheapie but oh so wonderful liquid navy eyeliner purchased at my local Dollar Blitz in T.O.). Nothing like a good facial to plump you up and make you want to swear off makeup for good.

BUT I couldn't resist a beauty save: the"Paris Collection" sparkly berry lipstick with Vitamin E I picked up at the dollar store near where my folks live. It's a brand I always seek out when I come home (hey, Paris for a buck, wouldn't you buy it?) and it makes my lips so soft.

Yesterday it was 26 degrees C, so Mom and I, after doing a day's worth of yard work and cleaning, decided to park ourselves on the back deck with a bottle of vino and some nail paraphernalia.

We also decided we'd save ourselves $35 each and have loads of fun by implementing another beauty save strategy: giving each other a pedi!

Two hours later, after quaffing white wine and a good gab and laugh fest, we were done.

Don't our toes look great? My feet are so soft. Now I have to get a bit more sun on my white legs.

I have a balcony in my apartment and think this could be a fun way to do some chicky bonding with gal pals (providing we're ok touching each others' feet) and not have to shell out for a summer pedi.


  1. I do my own pedi all the time now. Where did you go for your facial? I like the idea of thrift vs. splurge when it comes to beauty. My usual is to spend(within reason) on the products I love but to save on doing things like pedicures myself. I hope that you are really enjoying your "tropical" vacation.

  2. Jenifir, so glad you commented as I meant to add you to my blogroll then promptly forgot! I am enjoying my tropical vacay though it is raining today as you may know! I will send you info re: the facial; it was well done and a good deal. I like the idea of thrift vs. splurge re: beauty as well. I tend not to buy expensive products for myself. I recently fell in love with my Mom's "City Block" 40 SPF by Clinique for the face - it's non oily and has a slight sheen and feels glorious. It's bonus time at Clinique until April 8, I think so I am going to take advantage!