Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 10 Toronto Thrift Shops, part 2

Yesterday I started my Top 10 Toronto Thrift Shops; here are my second and thrift picks:


2). Pegasus Thrift Store
931 Kingston Rd., 416-422-0999

This shop is part of the Pegasus Community Project, a registered charity that helps developmentally challenged adults by giving them community-based day care opportunities and employment.

The hours are a bit wacky (call before you go), but I love this thrift shop, especially since it's moved into its new home. It has more of a boutique vibe and there are tons of treasures to be found, mostly in the accessories, book, and knick-knac categories.

I found this suede made in Canada purse with saucy buckle for $9.99. The blue lamp from a few posts ago was also found here.

3). Goodwill
60 Overlea Blvd., 416-422-0998

This is the best Goodwill in Toronto in my opinion. It's a huge store and always packed with heaps of clothing, shoes, furniture, books, art and fab bric-a-brac. Whether I go for a full-on dig or pop in for a few minutes I always leave with a steal. Prices not marked unless they're higher end; there are price caps on end of racks with general price range (blazers, $7.99 and up, etc), which I sometimes find frustrating: how am I to know if it's "and up"? The pricing seems to be at the whim of the cashier - still, deals are too good to complain about and Goodwill helps people in your community find and train for jobs.

Some fab finds recently: jackets galore! A DKNY blue silk jacket for $9.99; a 1980s cropped boil wool blazer made in Toronto by Miranda Lumley ($3.99 as it was 50 percent off day!); a TeenFlo little black dress for $6.99.


  1. I looove the DKNY jacket! And it's silk? Even better.

  2. I know it's so pretty isn't it? The pattern embroidered on the jacket too ....

  3. this is a really great idea!! thank you for taking the time to make this list, i'm going to go on a vintage shopping spree!

  4. Anonymous, so glad you're jazzed about the list, and thanks for visiting! FYI Pegasus is having a 50 percent off sale this Friday and Saturday, Feb 12 and 13!!