Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top 10 Toronto Thrift Shops, part 1

I've had some requests for my top 10 thrift shops in Toronto, so I'm starting with my absolute fave today and will be wrapping up by week's end. Here ya go!


1). Stretch Thrift, 974 Pape Ave., 416-425-0024

I buy most of my wardrobe at this place, along with the majority of the art on my walls and some furniture too.The prices can’t be beat and rival Sally Ann: jeans starting at $4.99; jewellery for a buck or two; leather belts for a buck. The store relies on donations – and donates a portion of its profits to the East York General Hospital – so items are arriving on a constant basis. I go regularly and always find something. They know me now so when an item isn't priced I get a good deal.

Some of my best finds: blue suede Italian boots in great shape, $14.99; Theory blazer in perfect condition for $6.99; retro brown suede Alfredo Picchi bag handmade in Italy for a twoonie! Also found a German crystal lamp for $29.99 and a huge solid wood dining table for the same price. Oh, can’t forget the Bill Blass yellow 1980s swing coat, $14.99 and the green velvet and faux fur jacket made in Canada by Irving Posluns for the same price!


Check out the Stretch Thrift label to the right to see the rest of my finds from this store.


  1. Great idea for a post series, one I know my city better I may want to one too. :)

  2. Thanks; let me know when you do yours!

  3. This is a great idea for a post. Actually. I think you'll have to take part in my op shop Q&A because you've almost answered all the questions in this post and your latest one anyway. Are you keen? I'll send the questions if you are.

  4. You bet I'm in! Please send questions to grungequeen@yahoo.com - would be happy to participate! I'm guessing an op shop is a thrift shop?

  5. I'd like to invite everyone to share their treasure stories on our new website dedicated to antiques and collectibles in the Toronto area. It's at toronto.antiques.com Thank you!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Toronto Antiques! I will def check you out and add you to my blogroll!

  7. The website is http://www.toronto-antiques.com with free classifieds - for sale, wanted, garage sales, free business postings, show and tell category and much more. The theme is "Find a Treasure in Toronto" I invite you to participate. I just created it and will be adding a lot more in the weeks to come. If you would like to have any of your articles or blogs on the site please let me know. Christine