Monday, November 16, 2009

Sun on desk

If I were a true blue photographer, I wouldn't be a storm chaser: I'd be a sun chaser.

After a media photo shoot in my pad (SO excited - will link to article when it comes out this weekend!), I caught the sun sliding across my desk, as you see here.

I had to catch it quickly, though, as it was moving fast.

I love my desk area now, by the way.

I took a dining room table from the trash and covered it with dollar store wall paper by Ralph Lauren.

The lamps are thrift, and the spanky new phone is my recent thrift score. The desk chair was found in the trash, as was the chair to the left of the desk.

The green Toronto Harbour prints were found at Value Village for a few bucks each.

The blue head vase by the white lamp was one of my very first trades - I saw it in a junk store window when I was a starving student and traded a bunch of my jewellery with the owners - they were happy as they gave the bling to their daughter, and I was thrilled to have my first head vase.

See the finial on the top of the blue lamp? It's actually a tortoise shell drawer pull from an old vanity.

And before I knew it, the sun was gone ....


  1. Those lamps on your desk are fab.

    I feel like all my comments over here are "I like, I like, I like." lol.

  2. Thank you - that's a good thing! I love the blue lamp - I found it for maybe $6.99 at a thrift shop and it says Made in Canada on the bottom. Then I picked up the shade - NEW - at the Sally Ann - must have been a corporate donation as there were a bunch of them. The white lamp I love too - reminds me of some Woody Allen flic and a New York interior, don't ask me why ....

  3. the desk is lovely, the mirror of course so fab!

  4. Thanks! Mirror was new but I got a screaming deal on it ....

  5. Looks lovely, the red phone jut looks perfect there :-)

  6. Thanks Thrifted Treasure - that red phone is your style too, I bet!