Thursday, November 26, 2009

New pillow, thrift outfit

Yesterday's post mentioning pillows was inspired in part by my dream pillow, pictured here with moi at an event I attended last week in the Beach at Jane Hall Design.

Jane is a creative colour guru and interior designer who works magic with fabric and rooms. This silk pillow, $88, is just the teeniest example of her decorating verve. I love it, but will have to leave it on my Santa wishlist for now. Besides I bagged a wonderful used pillow for $30, as you'll see from a post earlier this week.

Though I'm hating the way my hair looks in this pic (I'm trying to grow it, arg), I got a lot of compliments on my outfit that night, the entire ensemble being thrift.

The statement piece wool jacket made in Toronto by Miranda Lumley was only $3.99 at a 50 percent off sale at Goodwill - the Friday before last my date and I were on our way home from dinner and we saw the sign and ran in 5 minutes before close ... I found this in 2 minutes and I sure think he's a keeper if he can get off on hitting Goodwill after dinner....

The wool turtleneck was $5 or so, the Jones New York lined wool skirt I can't recall how much I paid for, and the chunky retro chain I bought for $15 at Bead Goes On in Toronto (see my Top 10 Toronto Thrift Shops below as that store is one of 'em). Even the blue beret and black cashmere cape (not pictured here) were thrift!


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