Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Primary colours & rejigs

I haven't been blogging much about decor lately, but I have been tweaking my place constantly in preparation for a possible photo shoot (more to share later on that hopefully).

Here's a corner nook in my dining room, which I've turned into a comfy sitting and TV room. I like layering paintings on top of eachother, and the upturned lampshade adds a bit of spunk.

Here's a longer shot.

I like the unexpected combination of the orange rug with the red velvet pillow.

The colours pick up the shades from my glass collection on top of the bureau.

I picked up this huge framed print behind glass for $4.99 at my local thrift shop. Alas, the glass broke on the way home so I just took it out (ok, the man did).

It's a print of a work by John Lander, and I just love it.

I hung it low - quite low - behind the loveseat but I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it that low. Most of my art is hung on the lowish end so having such a long piece extend all the way up the wall may look funny.

What do you think?


  1. that is really a lovely and cozy corner....

  2. I never thought of hanging pictures lower like that. I love it. It really changes the look of the room.

  3. Thanks Marina, glad you think so!

    Vintage Girl, I tend to hang my paintings lower than most - it just gels somehow for me....