Monday, November 23, 2009

Boho pillow, late Victorian fabric?

Here's THE pillow, purchased at Around the Block in Toronto (see yesterday's post) for a mere $30.

It's green velvet - not surprising considering my decor fetish for blue and green velvet.

Warren, the shop owner, told me the fabric was early century and that the owner has someone make it into a pillow. The pillow is huge, sturdy and firm and has these lovely tassles that have been sewn all around it - so boho pretty.

Something like this would have been BIG bucks new at a decor or custom design shop. I've seen handmade pillows for over a hundred bucks!


  1. Kelly, congratulations on the piece in the Star on Saturday! OMG, your traffic must be through the roof. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Chris, thanks! Who knows? I should monitor my stats better, but I sure love it when new people check the site out ....